Wall-Mounted Basketball Hoops

First Team Supermount 82 Triumph
8' extension from wall to face of backboard!

Wall-mounted basketball hoops are reserved almost exclusively for schools, churches or commercial settings and their indoor basketball courts.  There are many advantages to wall-mounted basketball hoops but probably the biggest one is price.

When I first mention this to athletic directors or basketball coaches and then they look at the price they usually say, “You could have fooled me.”  Yes, wall-mounted hoops are more expensive than inground basketball systems (Not by much by the way) but try comparing them to basketball systems that retract from the roof and you’ll know what I mean by them being an affordable indoor option.  The raw materials alone on a retractable system cost more than a wall-mounted basketball system.

As far as retractability, wall-mounted hoops cannot retract up and down so to speak but they do have the ability to fold to the side like you can see in the First Team Foldamount series of basketball hoops.  The benefit of a side fold is to open your basketball court up to games such as volleyball where the backboards will not get in the way.

First Team FoldaMount82 Triumph
This hoop folds to to either side!