Fixed Basketball Hoops

Fixed-height Basketball Goal
The First Team Legend Jr. Pro

Fixed-height basketball hoops are an excellent choice for any family with kids 10 years of age or older as that is when they usually start playing on a 10′ regulation-height basketball hoop.  Fixed-height hoops come in a few forms but the basic idea is you have a pole in the ground with a backboard mounted to the pole via an extension arm.  The types of fixed-height hoops, in my opinion, fall into two categories: residential and playground.  If you have a decent-sized driveway and would like to spend the money on a very high-end hoop sometimes the residential and playground lines can cross but generally speaking the playground fixed hoops are too bulky for residential use.

Like the adjustable hoops, an important feature when considering a fixed hoop is the extension from the front of the post to the face of the backboard.  Like the adjustable hoops, you want to maximize the playing area as much as possible by putting the pole as close to the playing area as possible and trying to give yourself the max amount of playing area as possible.

Should you have any other questions or need help with a fixed-height basketball hoop feel free to give me a call at 866.579.2291.