Should I get a tempered-glass backboard or acryllic?
-I get into trouble sometimes with this question because tempered-glass is the more expensive of the two. I’m of the opinion tempered-glass is the better option.

-Tempered Glass Backboards weigh 4x as much as the normal plexiglass backboard

-Tempered-glass hoops just have a better feel to them when you play. Yes, they’re a touch more expensive but only by $100-200. If you’re going to spend a great deal on a hoop that’s going to last 15-20 years that tempered-glass is a good extra expense.

-I will say that if you live in a heavily-wooded area where you’re worried branches may hit the backboard then plexi-glass is probably the better option.

How big of a backboard should I get?
-You should purchase one proportionate to your driveway. If you have a large open area then the choice is up to you but if you have a small area than you probably don’t want to go too big because it will dominate the driveway.

-What do you mean when you mention backboard extension?
This is the distance from the front of the post to the front of the backboard. This, in my experience, is more important than the size of the backboard. If you get a hoop with a large extension it can cut into your playing surface. On the other hand, if you have pavers along your driveway you need enough extension so you’re not playing too close to the pavers, especially on a lay-up.

What is the most popular hoop you sell?
-It is easily the Challenger Series. It’s a really simple design that’s super sturdy, plays extremely well and is very fairly priced. It is extremely rare to get a 5” post for the price First Team sells its Challenger Series of hoops.

Should I get an adjustable-height or a fixed-height hoop?
-Who is the hoop for? If you’re purchasing it for kids under the age of 12 you should get an adjustable-height hoop. They’re not like adjustable-height hoops of old. They’re every bit as strong as fixed-height hoops and offer you the flexibility of providing a hoop for kids and adults of all ages. It’s the safe choice because it’s the flexible choice.

-If the hoop is for an adult or a teenager I would recommend going with a fixed-height hoop. They may miss out on being able to dunk though. Many kids enjoy the adjustable-height hoop solely for this purpose.

“My son is 10-years old. He is old enough. Why shouldn’t he start playing on a regulation rim.”
-Pistol Pete Maravich, arguably the greatest pure shooter in the history of the game of basketball, grew up playing on an adjustable-height hoop. From an early age his father taught him shooting technique and continued to raise the level of the rim as he aged because he wanted Pete to maintain proper shooting technique and not develop bad habits. Although intentions are good and hearts are in the right place, adjustable-height hoops are better for their development as a player. After all, it worked for Pistol Pete.

Why should I get a basketball hoop?
-There are many reasons. It helps with hand-eye coordination, motor development, cardiovascular exercise and much more. However, if at the very least, it gets your kids away from the TV and outside playing and having fun.

How long does it take for you to do an installation?

-We can usually have it completely installed in 4-7 business days.