Thursday, June 1, 2023
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Fixed Basketball Hoops

Fixed basketball hoops refers to any hoop that remains stationary, typically at 10′.

American Eagle 72" Basketball Goal

Top 5 Basketball Hoops Made in America

I have installed more than 1,000 basketball hoops and this post is a collection of the hoops I feel are the best quality at the best price. Keep in mind, there are a ton of very, very fine basketball...

Tempered-Glass Backboard or Acrylic Backboard? That is the question.

"Whether tis nobler" Okay, I'll get back to my day job- basketball hoop product reviews. This is the question I probably get asked the most and it has a two-part answer. #1. How serious are the players...

First Team Sport Fixed Basketball Hoop

The First Team Sport Fixed Basketball Hoop, in my opinion, is the best "Bang for the Buck" fixed-height basketball hoop.  I say this because it has all the basics in that it's extremely sturdy and will last, virtually, forever....