Tuesday, December 5, 2023
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Basketball Court Stencils

Stencils includes painting only the lines but not the entire court.

DIY Basketball Court Stencil

Basketball Court Stencil Instructions by homecourthoops.com Special! We're offering FREE custom lettered pole padding with the purchase of any of our basketball hoops.  (Click Here) The pole padding comes in any color with colored lettering.  Combining the FREE padding with a DIY stencil...
Wall Mounted Basketball Hoop

5 Easy Athletic Facility Renovation Tips

Below are several quick-fix yet cost-effective solutions for your school. 5. Backboard Upgrades Most backboards in schools have been there since the school was built. Upgrading a steel backboard to a tempered-glass backboard for indoor use or an acrylic...
1/2 Court Stencil

5 Reasons to Get a Basketball Court Stencil

I paint a great deal of basketball court stencils and there has not been one stencil I have painted where the child wasn't as excited as he/she could possibly be. They love it. They love it because...
Backyard Basketball Court Stencil

Cool Basketball Court Stencil Ideas

1/2 court stencils for your home basketball court can be an excellent way to encourage your kids to play outside more.  However, they don't have to be just white as is often the case.  Why not spruce it up...