Basketball Goals

First Team Attack Basketball Goal
Excellent basketball hoop for clearing curbs!

Adjustable basketball hoops are ideal for families with children under the age of 10 or those who would like to do trick shots or dunk.

Adjustable basketball hoops usually come in two forms:

  1. The traditional form and one most people are familiar with which is a pole in the ground- also called a direct-bury system.  These are excellent systems and have been service families for many, many years.  However, their one downside is addressed in the 2nd type of system.
  2. Anchor-kit basketball systems are relatively new in the sense that they’ve only been around for 15 or so years.  However, they’re quickly becoming the installation method of choice.  The two main reasons for this is it gives homeowners the ability to take their hoop with them should they sell their house and anchor-kit systems are usually more high-end systems.

Two other important factors to consider when purchasing an adjustable basketball hoop is its extension from the front of the post to the front of the backboard and how low the height of the hoop adjusts to.

  1. Backboard extension is very important.  Ideally, you want the backboard to extend into the driveway as much as possible in order to give you the max amount of playing area.  If you don’t have the space in front of the hoop that’s understandable but if you do you should try and maximize it by putting the hoop as close to your driveway as possible.
  2. How low the hoop adjusts to is important but it’s not a huge deal.  Most adjustable hoops lower to roughly 7’6″ with many going a little lower.  There are a handful of hoops that will lower all the way to 5′.  I say it’s not a huge deal because most children over the age of 5 can reach a 7’6″ hoop so the only reason to go lower is for them to have fun and dunk.
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