About Us

We are a full-service sporting goods sales and installation company. We are divided into two co-equal parts: Home Court Hoops and Gymstallation.

Home Court Hoops focuses almost exclusively on residential work with a specific emphasis on basketball hoops on the side of homeowner’s driveways. We also do a great deal of work in other sports such as installing batting cages and bocce courts.

Gymstallation is the institutional wing of our business which focuses exclusively on schools, churches and companies. We do the hard to install installations such as wall mounted basketball hoops and retractable bleachers. We try and serve the niche above what your facility staff cannot do due to lack of equipment and such.

As the owner of both companies, I take a very hands-on approach. We, everyone in my company, understands the scope of work and where this work is being done. It’s dangerous work and we do a great deal of work in schools. Therefore, I only hire the best; I pay them accordingly; I insure them and, most importantly, I insure you.

I assure you that you’re going to receive nothing short of complete professionalism and an installation done perfectly.


Mike Westhead