Having a basketball hoop in your driveway is very cool.  It encourages kids to play outside more to improve their game, get exercise or just to have fun.  Adding the ability to play more games only enhances your playing experience.

The best way to do this is to paint basketball court lines on your court.  There are numerous stencil kits on the market ranging in price from $30 to $300.  However, I have put together some instructions that any “HANDY” person should be able to follow. (Click Here)  If you’re not confident you can do it yourself, we have included some links to people we think you can find in your local area.

Combine this with one of our basketball hoops (Click Here) where we’re offering custom lettered pole padding and what you have is an awesome home basketball court.

Now take your cool new court and play some of the games listed below:

  1. 21- This is a game, with at least two players, where a team or player plays until you get to 21.  There are other variations to this such as RUFFS where it’s a version of 21 but it’s a little bit rougher.  It teaches players to fight through aggressive play that would be called as fouls in a real game.
  2. HORSE- This is a game where you shoot until a player makes a shot.  Each player after that has to take the exact same shot.  If you make it, you’re ok.  If you don’t, you get an H.  If you make it the person after you has to make their shot or they will get the H.  For each shot you miss, you get a new letter starting with H.  And so it goes for each player until all the players get HORSE except one who is declared the winner.  Keep in mind, you don’t have to call it HORSE.  You can call this anything you want.  A variation on this game is Around the World.
  3. Free Throw Contest- This is only possible if you have a free throw line on your home court.  You can do this contest in the following ways: most shots made out of 10, most shots made in a certain time or alternating until someone misses.  (You can always play pretend and imagine you made the game tying shot and need to sink a free throw in order to win.)
  4. 3-point contest- In the same manner as a free throw contest, you can run this game in a multitude of ways.  (You can also play pretend and imagine you’re hitting the game-winning 3-pointer like Steve Kerr or Big Shot Bob Horry.)
  5. Slam Dunk Contest- I know what you’re thinking, “I can’t dunk.”  Well, you can with one of our adjustable-height basketball hoops.  (Click Here)  This makes things very, very fun.

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