I paint a great deal of basketball court stencils and there has not been one stencil I have painted where the child wasn’t as excited as he/she could possibly be. They love it. They love it because it ties together the entire “basketball court” experience. More importantly, parents love it because it gets their kids out of the house, off the couch

1/2 Court Stencil
Blue and white stencil to match kid's school colors!
away from the TV and playing a REAL game outside. (More on this below)

5. More games to play. Parents purchase basketball hoops so their children can play outside more. Painting a court with a free throw line and 3-point line encourages them to play more because it not only gives them a visual of a basketball court but it gives them tools to play more games.

A free throw line gives them the ability to have free throw shooting contests. A 3-point line gives them the ability to not just play “Around the World” but 3-point shooting contests like they see at the NBA All-Star Game. Both of these shots can be incorporated into games such as HORSE and Ruffs.

4. It’s safer in your driveway. Unfortunately, we live in a society where it’s not always ideal to let your kids run down to the park and play unsupervised. Fortunately, if you have a driveway basketball court they can play in the comfort and safety of your own home.

3. Gray is the new white. We can paint your court in ANY color, match it to your pole pad and even letter the pole pad giving you a custom basketball court. Imagine having your child’s school colors for the lines, pole pad and their team nickname down the pad?

If having lines painted on your driveway is not appealing to you, we can paint lines in colors such as gray so they blend in much better, are still very playable and are barely noticeable from the street.

2. Practice makes perfect. If your child is a serious player, having the lines painted to exact specification will give them the ability to practice at home to improve their performance on the court.

And the #1 reason to get a basketball court stencil for your driveway basketball court is, drumroll please……………

1. It’s all about you. If your children are playing outside it gives you more freedom inside! Our kids are great; God bless them but sometimes they do the work of the devil. If you want to exorcise your home of your X-Box, PlayStation, dirtying up the kitchen little devils, a 1/2 court stencil is a good start. While you’re inside sipping on a beverage, you will look out the window and the 3-point line will look like a heaven-sent halo.

Feel free to contact me for a consultation on a 1/2 court stencil at 862-579-2291.

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