I sell and install many brands of basketball hoops but lately I feel like I’ve become an American Eagle evangelist. I was originally drawn to them because I love that they’re a small sheet metal shop in Indiana making their product in-house. I don’t know what it is about them. Maybe it’s because they’re from the basketball country of Indiana and I feel like I’m watching Hoosiers with Dennis Hopper making the call to run the picket fence but they emit this aura of a bygone era of American craftsmanship.

With my patriotism on full display I decided to give them a shot and I couldn’t be happier with their product. In my opinion, I feel they have produced a product in which every piece on it is better than any other product on the market.

10. Anchor kit- It has interlocking u-bolts vice 4 independent j-bolts making it a more formidable foundation.
9. Their baseplates have slots which allow you to shift the hoop from left to right giving you a more precise angle of the backboard. This also gives your installer a little wiggle room in the event they don’t install the hoop perfectly square with the driveway or court.
8. Their poles, at 7-gauge, are as thick or thicker than any system. This is important for the obvious reason that a thicker steel equates to a longer lasting system but it also equates to a system that doesn’t move, shake or wobble as much. Finally, if you’re going to pay the same price or less for something, why not go for the more formidable system?
7. Their powder coating is also as good as any other. Other systems have powder coating that either easily scratches or cracks. Their powder coating is very professionally done.
6. Their hardware is stainless steel vice zinc-coated, which is what others do. Their system of threaded bolts and cylinders make for a more secure, tight and smoother raising and lowering of the backboard.
5. Their height-adjustment crank is, at least, five times heavier and better than others. Other systems use modified Bulldog trailer jacks. AE uses their own line of cranks specifically designed for basketball hoops not truck trailers. They not only are sturdier but they give you the ability to go from 10′ to 6′ without having to have huge extension arms.
4. Their backboard frames are much, much more sturdy than 90% of what’s out there. (Trust me. I know. I have to lift them.) What else is good about them is their rims attach directly to the frame making it impossible to shatter the backboard by dunking.
3. Their backboards have “clear view” due to the adjustment arms attaching to the outside of the backboard frame vice an h-frame down the center of the backboard. Not only does this give you a more clear view but it also gives you a more sturdy backboard because of the wider mounting point.
2. Their glass is also as thick, per model, as any other hoop on the market.
1. Factory-direct pricing- I hate to haggle; I hate to price shop and I hate when I have to do my due diligence in order to get treated fairly. Why not give your customer the best product at the best price and operate your company efficiently? I’m confident in saying, with American Eagle Basketball Goals, you’re getting the best product at the best price.

If you’d like to learn more about their systems for your home feel free to contact me at 862-579-2291.

American Eagle 72" Basketball Goal
Notice the backboard has no h-frame giving it a very clean look.

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