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There are two words that best describe American Eagle Basketball Goals, American Craftsmanship. We’re talking about a product that is milled in a small steel mill in Indiana, the basketball mecca of America, and brought direct to you, from the mill, at manufacturer’s direct pricing. So what you’re getting is a better product, for less money and made in America. What else can you ask for? We’re talking about David versus Goliath before David shot the rock.

I can sum up why you should consider an American Eagle Basketball Goals in two sentences. “Their systems are as good or better than anything on the market; are American-made and you get them at manufacturer’s-direct pricing which is 30-50% less than their competition.” I cannot be more impressed with the quality of their systems.

Selling Points:
-Steel- Most of the big box retail hoops use 16-gauge steel. Most of the other high-end systems use 11 gauge steel. American Eagle uses 7 gauge. There’s only one or two other systems on the market that use this steel thickness and they are all 30-50% more expensive. The importance of steel thickness can not be emphasized enough. You’re getting a sturdier system that will last longer and have less shake when you play.
-Tempered-Glass Backboard- The most important aesthetic feature to their backboards is they have no frame going through the center. Most systems have a frame that goes through the center of the backboard that the extension arms and backboard mount to. In my opinion, I think this not only makes for a less sightly hoop by having a metal frame through the center of the board but it’s not as stable either. What you’re getting is a more narrow mounting point which, from a mechanical standpoint, is less stable. All the American Eagle systems mount to the frame on the outside of the backboard making it not only more attractive but more sturdy due to its wider mounting point. Also, depending upon the backboard, they use just as thick of glass as any competitor.
-The height-adjustment system- This is, by far, the best height-adjustment system on the market. Most brands use modified commercial truck trailer jacks. American Eagle uses a homemade telescoping adjustment system that is leagues better than any other height-adjustment system. It will not only last for decades but it is easy enough for even young kids to use.
-Their anchor kits are better too. Every other system on the market use j-bolt anchor kits. These system are fine and there’s nothing wrong with them. However, American Eagle uses two u-bolt anchors that interconnect. It’s a little overkill but they make for a much more formidable anchor system for your basketball hoop.
-Pole baseplate- Their’s is not the only system with slotted bolt holes but having them is somewhat important as it covers for any potential mistakes made by your installer. For example, it’s easy to install an anchor kit (Especially when you’ve done a thousand or so) but it’s also easy to mess it up. If you don’t install it perfectly flush with the playing surface or if you mount the backboard slightly off from flush it looks absolutely terrible. With a slotted baseplate it gives the installer a good 30 degrees of wiggle room in each direction. It makes your installation fool proof.

I cannot be more happy to be recommending this American-Made basketball hoop. It’s not only made of higher quality but it’s also more aesthetically appealing. To recap, it’s made of higher quality, at a better price and Made in America, what more can you ask for?

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