Installing a basketball court in your backyard, if you can afford it, is absolutely awesome. I’ve constructed a few and decided to give you some pointers to help you in the layout of your court.

Items to consider:
1. Will your town allow you to install a court in your backyard? We’re very crowded up here in the North East. As such, local municipalities have strict zoning laws and will not allow you to install an asphalt court in your backyard due to impervious coverage laws. If this is the case in your area you can always go with a permeable hard-packed gravel VersaCourt as seen in this review with video. It may be a little more expensive but it also may be the only way you can get a court.

2. How big of a court do you want? A standard 1/2 court is 45’X30′. You can get an idea of other dimensions by going to the VersaCourt website and looking at the VersaCourt court designer. Even if you’re going with an asphalt or concrete court, this court designer will give you an idea of what your court will look like in various dimensions.

3. When planning or visualizing a court, first think of the 3-point line. A 3-point line is 19’9″ from the center of the rim. Go with yourself, one other person and a 25′ tape measurer. One person stand where you think the rim will be and hold one end of the tape measurer. Have the person under where the rim will be stand still and have the other person walk out to 19’9″. Now have the person at 19’9″ walk both ways and you will get to see the fan shape of what will be your 3-point line.

4. “Here comes the sun yadadadada.” Unfortunately, it’s not alright. When placing your court, terrain almost always dictates where the court will go but it doesn’t have to dictate where the hoop will go. What’s most important is not so much where the sun is but where the sun is when you will most likely be playing. Take your time on this decision. If you play in the afternoon, it wouldn’t be fun to have the sun setting right behind the backboard.

5. Take into account the entertainment factor. You’re installing a court to have fun. I’ve had customers who have a lot of land and thought it would be best to keep the court “out of the way” and put it in the far corner of their property. The kids really aren’t going to be making that much noise and it’s nice to have it closer so you can sit on the patio and get some free entertainment. (Well, I don’t know if I’d call it free.)

The information I’ve given you in this post, as well as a consultation with a local paving contractor will give you a great handle on installing a backyard basketball court. If you have any specific questions, or need help with a basketball hoop selection, feel free to give me a call. I’m happy to help you. My number is 862-579-2291.

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