Fist Team Jam basketball hoops are their upper-level inground basketball hoop and is perfect for homes with medium-sized driveways. I like this hoop a great deal. It has an extremely high-quality pole system, extension arm system, height-adjustment system as well as backboard and rim. It has all the same high qualities as all of their other direct bury systems such as the Champ, Slam and Vector. Not to mention, it has an extremely clean and sharp look to it.

First Team Jam Turbo basketball hoop
Very Clean Look

My only critique of the Jam is the price. It’s not that it’s overpriced; it’s that for the same price you can get a Challenger system which is a more sturdy system as well being an anchor-kit system, which gives you more flexibility as a homeowner to take the hoop with you should you ever move. In addition, the Jam has a 4″X4″ post with a 24″ overhang where the Challenger system, has a 5″X5″ post with a 32″ overhang. Simply put, the Challenger is a better bang for the buck.

With this being said, there is a place for the Jam that is not well-suited for the Challenger which makes getting a Jam a must. If you have a sprinkler line running along the side of your driveway where you want to install your hoop, where that sprinkler line is can mandate you get a Jam. For example, if your sprinkler line is 12″ from the edge of the driveway or curb, you will not be able to install an anchor kit between the line and the curbing but will have to put it behind the sprinkler line. This, in my opinion, will put the Challenger too far back and have the backboard too close to the curbing. In this scenario it makes more sense to put the Jam right up next to the curbing giving you enough overhang for your family to play comfortably.

The Jam is an awesome basketball system with a very clean look and adjustment system.

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