The First Team FoldaMount wall-mounted basketball hoop is an excellent system for a school with a small gymnasium. The FoldaMount allows you to have a high-quality side wall practice system which can then be folded to the side as to not interfere with live games.

First Team FoldaMount82 Triumph
This is an awesome system for schools with tight gyms yet want a quality practice hoop that can be folded to the side during live games.

As you can see from the video below, when installed properly, this system is extremely easy to fold to the side. All it takes is unlocking an eyelet with a cranking bar, provided by First Team, and slowly moving the system to the side as demonstrated in the video.

It’s imperative that this system has a proper wall mounted basketball hoop installation. You will notice two chains extending up and attaching to a 3rd wall board on the wall. If these chains are not installed perfectly straight back from where they mount on the backboard it will be difficult to fold the system all the way to the side.

This is a very cool system which offers schools options for their gymnasium.

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