1. First Team basketball hoopshas the largest selection of residential systems, bar none, than any other company in the industry?  There are several companies that make fine hoops.  Goalsetter and Bison are a couple.  You will be extremely hard-pressed, though, to find another company with the depth of residential hoops as First Team.

This is important because you can tailor your hoop to your driveway.  For example, let’s say you want to install your hoop in front a

First Team Champ Turbo
First Team Champ- Front-mounted Height Adjustment System

retaining wall or thick shrub.  Most brands only carry rear-mounted height adjustment assemblies.  In order to raise and lower your hoop you’re not going to be able to do it with a retaining wall or, in the other scenario, you’re going to have to climb in the shrubs.  First Team has two front-mounted height adjustment options: The First Team Champ Series and the First Team Vector Series.  This is just one example.

Another added benefit of such a deep selection is the many choice give you multiple options to fit into your budget.

2. They use only high-quality construction-grade steel.  I personally install a great number of hoops, probably 500 a year, so I have a hands-on knowledge of the quality of each system and manufacturer.  Some of the hoops sold at big box retailers are of extremely poor quality.  For example, their poles come in two or three sleeves and are so thin they require you to fill the pole with concrete.  So what they’re indirectly saying is the pole can’t hold up on its own.

First Team poles are made of extremely strong 11 gauge steel.  To put this in perspective, I’m 6’5″, weigh 250, was a Marine officer and nationally-ranked Div I college HWT wrestler and in order to lift a First Team pole I have to get on one end, walk it up and carry it on my shoulder.  Where as with, for example, a Lifetime hoop, I can pick up the pole between my thumb and middle finger.

Having heavy-duty construction-grade steel is important for two reasons: The first is it will last forever.  (Well, 30-plus years or so.)  The other important feature is a sturdier system makes for a more sturdy play with less wobble.

3. First Team is Made in the USA, right in Hutchinson, Kansas.  All of their products are milled or manufactured local to their headquarters.

For Price Quotes on any of their products please call me at 908-451-5738 or fill out the form below.

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