Wall padding installation, on the surface, may seem easy.  “Hey, all you have to do is drill a few holes and mount the pads.”

I-Beam Padding
I-Beams can pose a problem when measuring an installation.

In the grand scheme of things you’d be correct.  However, there are several items to take into account such as: electric outlets, I-beams, the exact measurement of the wall in which you’re installing the pads so you don’t have a gap and, last but not least, making sure the top of the padding is perfectly straight.

Not doing a proper wall padding installation can be as serious as having the outlets covered or, even worse, having the top of the wall padding look wavy because they weren’t installed in an exacting fashion.  Trust me.  Not doing it properly will visually stick out like a sore thumb.  I’ve seen poor installations where I’ve been at a game and everybody in the bleachers can see the wavy look of the wall padding from 1/2 a court away.

Home Court Hoops will install your wall padding in an exacting fashion.  Contact us for a no-hassle price quote at 862-579-2291.


  1. Nice work! The wall padding adds a sharp, clean look to the gym. Not to mention it makes for a much safer playing environment.

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