Top 10 Reasons to Buy a Basketball Hoop

10. It encourages your child to play outside more.  It’s tough to compete with the lure of TV and video games but, from a pure entertainment standpoint, a nice adjustable basketball hoop with a 1/2 court stencil isn’t too  shabby.  Kids love shooting free throws, 3-point shots & lowering the hoop down to dunk.

9. They’re playing in the safety and comfort of their driveway.  Safety is always a concern for parents.  We worry where are children are and if they’re safe.  If they’re right outside the kitchen window we can keep an eye on them and have some peace of mind.

8. It increases hand-eye coordination.  Video games such as the Wii aren’t all bad but there’s NO replacement for the real thing.  What’s awesome about basketball is it requires all of your motor skills.  For example, if you were to run you’re getting a cardio workout but you’re going straight forward, using mostly your legs and only slightly swinging your arms.  With basketball, it’s a full-body, multi-dimensional form of exercise.

7. It bonds the family.  My grandfather used to say, “A family that eats together stays together.”  (At least that’s what my mother says my grandfather used to say.)  I feel the same way about play.  There’s nothing more gratifying in my job than seeing a family carve their initials in the concrete and, after finishing installing a hoop, seeing a family shooting together, especially on an adjustable hoop where every child can play.

6. If the kids are outside it gives you more time to do something (Or nothing) inside.  I remember my mother screaming at us to get out of the house so she could get things done.  If you have a hoop you can do as she did and kick the kids out of the house and tell them to play basketball.  For all we know she could have sat down and watched Donahue.  (Oprah wasn’t on them.)

5. Increased exercise means increased appetite.  All I have to say with this is, after playing outside all day, my mother didn’t have to call us to the dinner table more then once and you won’t either.

4. Increased exercise leads to better study habits.  An entire book, Spark, is devoted to the benefits of exercise as it pertains to the brain.  Check it out.  It’s an excellent, eye-opening book.

3. Increased exercise leads to a better night’s sleep.  All I can really remember as a child was playing outside.  As such, I can’t remember ever having a tough time falling asleep.  However, I can remember always wanting to stay up to watch something on TV but never making it due to falling asleep.

2. You don’t need more then one child.  Most sports with a ball require at least two children because you can’t really have a catch by yourself.  (You can but you’re going to be throwing it straight up in the air and you will soon find the fun fades.)  With basketball, one child can play all day just taking shots.

1. Every child can play. Whether your child is a boy or girl, star athlete, a musician, an artist, or something else, they can shoot a basketball.  We’re not talking NBA here, just kids of all abilities having a place to have fun while exercising.

If you have a question about a basketball hoop for your home feel free to give Mike Westhead a call directly at 862-579-2291.  I’d be happy to help you.  You can also email me at or visit my website

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