The First Team Sport Fixed Basketball Hoop, in my opinion, is the best “Bang for the Buck” fixed-height basketball hoop.  I say this because it has all the basics in that it’s extremely sturdy and will last, virtually, forever. It plays very well and comes in at a very fair price. If you have older kids, don’t want to spend a lot of money but still want a quality hoop and are just looking for a basic home basketball hoop, the Sport Series is perfect.

-The First Team Sport has, with its 11 gauge steel pole, the strongest 4″X4″ basketball pole on the market. -It comes with a competition-quality breakaway rim.  I see no reason, if this hoop is installed properly, this basketball system shouldn’t last 30 years or more.

The only downside I see, which can be seen as a positive, is it only comes with an acrylic backboard.  Again, this is an entry-level fixed-height hoop designed for the parent of older kids who just wants a hoop in their driveway so their kids can play more.  I view the acrylic as a cost-savings.  If you’re looking for a tempered-glass backboard you will probably be stepping up to the next level of hoop anyways.  The acrylic backboard plays very, very well.

The First Team Sport Series of hoops range in price from $699-$899.  For the quality of hoop, and lifespan, you are getting, this hoop is very well priced.  If you have any specific questions about this fixed basketball goal feel free to give me a call at 862.579.2291.

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