First Team Challenger NitroThe First Team Challenger is the most popular basketball system I sell and install and for a number of reasons:

1. It’s our entry-level inground basketball system with an anchor kit type installation.  Anchor kit installations are becoming increasingly popular because it gives the homeowner more flexibility.  They can change the location of where they installed the hoop and should they sell their house they can take the basketball system with them.  
2. It will last, seemingly, forever.   I stated above that the beauty of anchor kit installs is should you sell your house and move you can take the hoop with you.  I have personally reinstalled 3 First Team Challenger Nitro basketball systems that were originally installed in the mid-nineties and they were perfectly fine.  Why? It is made of high-quality construction-grade steel and has a very simple design.  The simple design, I believe, is very important.  The lack of bells and whistles in the form of plastic washers and hydraulic hand cranks leaves you with just the basics, which, as I said, is made of high-quality construction-grade steel.   
3. It is very well priced.  Probably the biggest competition to the First Team Challenger Basketball System are the Goalrilla systems.  The two are equally and competitively priced but I tend to favor First Team over Escalade Sports for a couple reasons.  I feel it’s a higher quality hoop and, more importantly, it’s made in the USA. 

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