The First Team Vector Series is an excellent front-mounted adjustable basketball system and is specifically designed to be placed in front of a retaining wall or thick shrubs.  For most people, a normal, or rear-mounted height-adjustment system, is perfectly fine.  However, there are times you should go with a front-mounted system such as when you’re backing the hoop up against a retaining wall or thick shrubs and getting behind the hoop to adjust it is difficult.

Also, the Vector has a large enough extension where it can, potentially, give you the option to put the pole behind the retaining wall and allow it to hang over the wall. This is not always advisable as you won’t have a great deal of distance from the face of the backboard to the front of the wall. Generally speaking, this is not the most ideal scenario but the option is there.

Another front-mounted basketball hoop that is perfect for placing in front of a retaining wall or shrub and comes in at a much lower price is the Champ Series.

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